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now this is porn 9 years ago
This is literally the best porn I've EVER watched.
anonymous 8 years ago
That's how it should be done!men take some notes:)
3 years ago
Love having sex with older men!
Young stud 5 years ago
My girlfrend looks just like her. She has tought me to make love like this and it is the best you could ever wish for. These guys that are commenting have obviously never been with a real women before.
awww 5 years ago
7:10 ; I just love how they have a goofy smile and enjoying the moment! Reminds me of my gorgeous man who is away at the moment!
Romantic. 9 years ago
Do you guys not get the definition of intimate and romantic? Of course you're not gonna see outrageous cumshots, over-the-top orgasms and screaming/yelling.
Baby 3 years ago
I love old men like him they know how to fuck youth girls.. that’s why I prefer old sexy Americans men’s
Mr. Doggystyle 9 years ago
Wow....Daddy put it down good. Especially around 11:00...that sounded real nice!!!!!
Lovely 5 years ago
More please 2 years ago
The smiling, the kissing. So much closer to reality than so much of the crap on here. THIS is what I want to see. People with chemistry enjoying themselves. 99% of the content here is vile crap clearly made by incredibly insecure men with power issues who give videos titles like b*tch gets stuffed/punished etc. We want THIS. THIS reminds me of encounters I've had & enjoyed. Where there was actual intimacy & fun & enjoyment & laughter & pleasure. THIS is good sex.