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Cuck Slayer 2 years ago
Wow you all sound like a bunch of fucken faggots. You guys do realize shes like 47-49 years old right?
Can't imagine how gorgeous she was when she was 30 since shes a 10/10 now that she's almost 50.
And those tits are perfect! Perfect sag. No need for implants. It'll only ruin their natural sag. If anything id say her booty isnt all that big but overall shes just a gorgeous MILF. She looks so young better than most other young girls and definitelly better than any milf, besides Rayveness.
ElberGun 3 years ago
This woman is gorgeous, she reminds me of Victoria Principal, especially her face and big tits that are saggy but everything else is pretty nice, great ass, legs and a gorgeous face.
A Fan 3 years ago
My cock would fit in that ass nicely.
Leonie 3 years ago
Damn I'd love to fuck her ass
maybi 3 years ago
She's fucking perfect - "saggy" tits? Man - those are made for titfucking!
I love when a beautiful woman takes a huge cock in her ass! Wouldn't mind taking that hard cock in MY ass!
I love her saggy tits 2 years ago
Stop fuckn around guys and ignore them saggy tits. This women is one of a kind and it sucks that their are only like 3 Videos of her:(... you guys do know she’s like 50 years old right? So she’s looking fine as fuck still
Goo 3 years ago
Pretty hot for a MILF.
Tron 2 years ago
Why did he hold her pussy flaps open like that at 8:15? I’ve never seen that move before but it just seemed like a really weird thing to randomly do.
Moe 3 years ago
Man, those are some seriously saggy tits. I don't normally say this, but she needs a boob job. Yow.
She’s hot 4 years ago